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‘FiitFusion,’ our exclusive 3-days webinar is a deep dive into the hidden secrets of weight loss science, utilising the power of Nutrition and Home Exercises to improve sleep, mastering stress, and harnessing the profound effects of the right food selection for hormonal health

Did you know? India’s fitness industry is swamped with uncertified health coaches, making up nearly 95% of the market. At Fiitfella, we stand out. Meet our team of over 30+ certified Dieticians, Nutritionists, and Exercise coaches, with decades of education and hands-on expertise. Your health deserves nothing less than the best

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FiitFusion, our exclusive 3-days webinar offers

Day 1 - Easy Home Routine

Get ready to kickstart your wellness journey! Join our Fiitfella exercise tutor and nutrition expert on day1 for a dynamic live 60-minute session to learn easy and effective home training science with live Warmup + cardio + home exercises + Cool down routine! Relax your body and discover the best home exercises selection for weight loss. Energize your wellness journey from the comfort of your home.

Day 2 - Homemade Diet

Experience an exclusive 60 minutes session where you’ll learn the art of crafting homemade diets tailored to help you shed stubborn body weight. Beyond weight loss, learn permanent weight loss without supplements, fasting, restrictive or crash diets.

Day 3 - One to One Help

On this exclusive one-to-one call session, our Fiitfella certified Dietitian expert will delve into the keys to better sleep, mastering stress, and the profound effects of the right foods on hormonal balance. As we tailor actionable insights to your unique needs, we’ll discuss your wellness goals, challenges and set a road map for you.

3 Days Webinar Details

Date: 3, 4, 5 December

Time: 7 A.m to 8 A.m

Home Exercise

Meal Planning

Guide Book on Hormones

One to One Help

Your health investment is just ₹399, a small price for a transformation that lasts a lifetime. Secure your spot now!

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Desire to look younger than your age.
Want to fit your clothes better.
Aspire to live without diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, and less stress.
Struggling with poor sleep.

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Age below 18.
Seniors 70+.
Not serious about your goals.

what people say

Honest Review#I’ve joined Fiitfella on July 2nd 2023. Within 2 months I lost 6kgs.. It was a healthy weight loss. Moreover it was a wonderful weightloss journey for a person like me who is totally into junk food in day to day life. Just like you all I also doubted whether I should join them or not and also whether I will lose weight or not. My dietician was Ms.Isha Mam. Trust me guys she is so sweet and at the same time amazing at work (providing diet plans). She is just beauty with brain😘. I would love to meet her someday in person. So that I can hug her and say thanks to her for helping me reduce post partum weight. My son is 3 years old now hence I decided to lose weight. Within 2 months I got back to what I was before pregnancy. Even there was good changes on my belly too. Even though many people would say that losing 6kgs in 2 months is no big deal. But for a person like me who lives to eat outside food is very difficult. I would also thanks Mandeep Sir and Other Team member for giving me easy and beneficial exercise to do at home…..


Thanks Fiitfella for my weightloss journey. Being 110 kgs and loosing all hope after trying so many diets. I am back to 70 kgs. Thanks for constant support and c and making this happen. I am renewing my plan to get into more better shape and ideal BMI with your guidance. Thanks team. I suggest all with busy schedules like mine to go ahead with thier simple and easily manageable diets and workouts. YOU caGUYS ARE THE BEST.

Fiitfella 💓 you transformed my life. I had a co morbid situation with hormonal disorder/ inbalances. I took your plan and my life transformed. In 6 months I lost 25 kgs and I am happy to renew my plan with you to reach my healthy weight goal. Thanks to the professiinaals who guided me at every step. After trying so many diets, you guys worked wonders for me. I strongly recommend it to all.

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Learn practical tips and strategies to unlock the secrets of effective meal planning designed to support your health and fitness goals



Exclusive community access

Fiitfella’s Fiitfusion community, an exclusive space designed to uplift and empower you on your health and fitness journey



How to manage Hormones

This bonus will be in a form of e-book designed to optimise your hormonal changes by doing lifestyle changes.



Permanent weight loss Guide

Thousands of people lose weight by doing things like fasting, restrictive diet but they gain it back. Learn how not gain weight back.


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Generally Asked Question

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Q: Can I join if I have a busy schedule and limited time for exercise? +
Absolutely! Our program is designed for individuals with hectic lifestyles. We provide efficient workout routines that can be seamlessly integrated into your busy day.
Q: Will the dietary advice be practical for my specific health condition? +
Yes, our experienced dietitians tailor advice to various health conditions, including diabetes, PCOS, and thyroid issues. The program is designed to be inclusive and supportive of diverse health needs.
Q: What makes this webinar different from other weight loss programs? +
Our program goes beyond traditional weight loss. We focus on holistic well-being, addressing not just body weight but also factors like sleep, stress, and hormonal balance. Plus, our team comprises certified experts with over a decade of hands-on experience.
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